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70 years of the NHS

Posted by: Elizabeth Taylor 5 Jul 18  | Blogs

Today marks 70 years of the National Health Service.

Since it began in 1948 it has continued to provide our nation with first class healthcare, and at Hallam Medical we are extremely proud to have supported and worked alongside this organisation for 11 years.

In celebration of this milestone we have collected stories and memories from both our practitioners and our Hallam Medical team.

Our first story is written by our Managing Director, Deborah McCain and her journey to becoming a Nurse.

As far back as I can remember I had always wanted to help people and make them better.

Nursing seemed like the perfect job for me as I thought it would combine my two passions helping people and travelling the world – which it has.

For my 18th birthday I clearly remember opening my presents and receiving my buckle and fob watch, I was immensely proud to be starting on my journey to becoming a Nurse.

I started my nursing training at Hemel Hempstead General Hospital and have happy memories of my days training there and in particular my time living in the on-site nursing accommodation. It was a lot of fun but in those days, it was extremely strict.

In fact we were terrified of our tutor and daren’t put a foot wrong, though of course we did on occasion.

All the Nurses were expected to be impeccably turned out and well presented and we had daily hand and nail inspections, checks were also carried out to ensure our hair was tied back correctly and sat above our uniform collar. Of course, this was to promote good hygiene and prevent the spread of infection, however we had to wear full dress no matter what the weather.

I remember one particularly hot day going to the shop to buy a drink and making the mistake of removing my cape, which was a part of our uniform – I was so pleased to have taken it off in the heat, and thought I had got away with it until I heard a loud shout of “O’leary, please put your cape back on” – needless to say I put my cape back on and suffered in the heat not daring to take it off again!

Although the tutors and teaching staff were strict, they had extremely high expectations of us and this really did make us feel extremely proud to be a Nurse and take pride in our appearance as we were a reflection of the profession as a whole.

Today I am no longer a practicing Nurse, but I will always be a Nurse at heart.

My time as a Nurse working within the NHS has taught me valuable lessons and given me an insight into how this huge organisation works and the pressures and challenges Nurses and service providers face on a daily basis.

This has really helped me in my role with Hallam Medical, ensuring that our practitioners are fully supported, clinically and professionally and that we always provide the best possible service to both the NHS and our private healthcare providers.



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